Jonathan came highly recommended for my family law needs and has not disappointed me. He is professional, knowledgeable and just. I never imagined needing such a service, but when the time came, to have found someone who can help was such a blessing. Attorneys have fees, yes! His are affordable and well worth paying in exchange for relief of emotional exhaustion. He’ll help you get it done.
— Christina V. (via
Jonathan was recommended by the family law attorney who had seen me through an ugly divorce many years ago. Her word being stellar, I knew Jonathan would be both excellent and affordable, and indeed he was. I hired him to facilitate debt collection from the narcissist I’d divorced, and while there were some jarring bumps along the way, Joanathan promptly and clearly explained my legal standing in light of each, keeping me focused on best possible outcomes. Gently supporting me as I made a difficult decision, Jonathan gave me courage. He’s smart, thorough, sees into the heart of things, and speaks plainly—all of which I needed as I reeled with rage. The result? Payment of debt! His evening and weekend availability are wonderful extras.
— Karen B. (via
I met Jonathan over a year ago when I made the gut wrenching decision to file for divorce. I knew I needed to leave for the safety of myself and my children so I began the search for an attorney to help me.

I met with four attorneys and was weary about each one. A friend of a friend recommended Jonathan so I decided to meet with him. I walked in to Jonathan’s office terrified and a complete emotional wreck. By the end of our meeting I had no doubt that Jonathan was the right person. He allowed me to share my entire story and not once did I feel judged or uncomfortable. Like most women who have been abused, I felt guilty for leaving my husband. I cared about him and I was terrified and confused. Jonathan was supportive, compassionate and after hearing our story, was completely focused on the safety of me and my children.

He took domestic violence seriously and took all appropriate legal steps possible to ensure our safety. The divorce and custody battle was the most difficult time in my life. There were times I felt discouraged and wanted to give up but Jonathan was a rock; he was emotionally supportive, reminded me of what I was fighting for (my children) and encouraged me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He was an ally who helped me endure something that was almost unbearable at times.

Jonathan was always upfront, honest, and communicated openly with me. I always appreciated that he would respond to my inquiries quickly and if he was going to be out of pocket for an extended period of time, he’d let me know.

I consider Jonathan to be a stellar attorney, but also a compassionate, thoughtful, reasonable, and lovely human being. I trusted my gut feeling choosing him during a time full of uncertainty and I am proud and grateful I made the right decision. Jonathan was truly an advocate for me and my children and I am honored to have had his help.
— Katherine P. (via
Jonathan Lyvere was my attorney in the case of child custody and parent alienation. I worked the usual M-F, 8-5pm, and it was tough finding an attorney after hours or one that came in on the weekends. I found Jonathan on Yelp and to my surprise he comes in on Sundays which really really helps if anyone is tight on schedule with work. I was lucky...

I met up with him for the first time and was clueless with what I had to do . He is very knowledgeable and explained the entire process to me and was upfront and honest when it came to my situation . He lets you know the truth of the court process and gives you an insight of what to expect without anything coming to a surprise.

My court process lasted about 6 months and its crazy to think now that I am civil with my ex-husband and I can finally see my son. It took 3 years of not talking to someone to finally becoming civil with them. I highly recommend Jonathan because without him I wouldn’t be in this situation right now..blessed! =)
— Miss M. (via